Website Packages

When you’ve spent so long working on your business and perfecting your product descriptions, it is no surprise that small errors can be overlooked.  Our brains are adept at ‘auto-correcting’ errors, so spelling and grammatical mistakes are naturally missed, as are repeated or missing words. A fresh pair of eyes will spot these, along with other issues, ranging from spacing and layout errors to whole sentences that would benefit from some tweaking.

That’s where I come in. As a proofreader with experience of online retail, I check for:

·         Spelling, punctuation and typos

·         Grammatical structure and clarity

·         Consistency of style

With packages starting from just £70, I can help you to ensure that all your hard work isn’t spoiled by a pesky apostrophe!

PRICES  (All prices include proofreading of entire site, unless otherwise requested by you.)

No. of products:    1-25    26-50    51-75    76-100    101-125    126-150    151-175    176-200    201-225     226-250

Price:                       £70      £90      £110      £130         £150          £170          £190          £210         £230           £250

Prices continue in £20 increments. There is no limit to the number of products I will check!

If you feel that your product descriptions need an entire overhaul, let me know what you require. I will take a close look at your site, and we can discuss a price to better reflect a more in-depth job.

I can proofread your own website, your NOTHS store, your Etsy store, and, of course, all manner of marketing materials, from leaflets to press releases; from promotions to competitions, and everything else in between.